Nepal – the Land of Temples

Location & Climate

The South Asian country of Nepal is completely landlocked by China to the north and India to the east, south and west. Situated in the lap of the Central Himalayas, Nepal has a great geo-diversity and is home to eight of the ten tallest mountains of the world, including Mt Everest, the highest one. Due to this huge elevation, this country has five climatic zones with sub-tropical, temperate, cold zone, subarctic and Arctic zones.


It is said that Himalayan region is inhabited for at least 11 thousand years, especially in and around Nepal. The name of this country can even be found in different ancient books and tales of Vedic system and Indian mythology, and the land has seen huge ups and downs in its history during ancient, medieval and modern era. In the year of 2008, Nepal came under the system of federal republic.

Flora and Fauna

A research was done during the late 1970s to study the flora of Nepal, which showed that there are 5041 angiosperm and 26 gymnosperm species of various flora and 400 species of vascular plants. The fauna of Nepal is represented by 208 species of mammal including Bengal tiger, red panda, Tibetan fox, snow leopard, clouded leopard etc, 900 species of birds that includes stork, pheasant, minivets, cuckoos, warblers etc, different types of reptiles that range from pit vipers to monitor lizards, and various species of aquatic fauna and insects.

How to Reach

If someone forgets to issue visa before entering Nepal, he or she may avail it for a limited period of time on arrival at the country. But Indian citizens do not need to travel or work in Nepal. They can simply use a passport, driver’s licence, voter ID card or any other govt. registered photo-identity card to get access to the country and there won’t be any limitation of time.

If you are arriving at Nepal by air, Tribhuvan International Airport is the main entry point near Kathmandu. Nepal Airlines operate flights from India, Bangkok, Doha, Dubai, Hong Kong and Kuala Lampur. Entering Nepal by road is best be done by hiring bikes or cars from India, or you can take a bus from particular spots near Varanasi, Patna, Kolkata, Siliguri, Delhi etc. Another route is via Tibet that gives access to Nepal via Kodari. Raxaul in India and Sirsiya in south Nepal is connected by railway, but people from outside of India are not allowed to cross border by train.

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